Hyborn™ Fashion, Styles and Jewelry launches on 911 at SBYP event in Santa Monica

A display table at the SBYP event of HYBORN Fashion, Style, jewelry
A display table at the SBYP event of HYBORN  jewelry

California is usually the first to start and the last to leave trends in our country, from fashion, music, movies, housing and the recession. So you have to wonder why would anyone start a business in the golden state?  HYBORN HIGH

  California added jobs at the fastest year-over pace in 11 years, the state is outperforming the nation and all but a handful of small states in job creation, and the upward trend seems likely to continue, according to the annual Labor Day Briefing from the state Employment Development Department (EDD).

SBYP 9-11-14

What better way to start a business than at an event, where you have a large mix of twenty something lawyers, doctors and CEO’s of high tech companies. That’s exactly what CEO and Founder Stacey Bean, HYBORN™ did.

She launched her business at the night of this month’s mixer of Silicon Beach Young Professionals (SBYP) and was one of a handful of business owners who had a display at the monthly SBYP meet up (Sept. 11, 2014), that attracted some 300+ professionals at the VICEROY, Santa Monica.

SBYP monthly event that drew more than 650 young professionals out to the VICEROY in Santa Monica on 911.

“Right now is the best time to launch any business,” said Bean, as she helped customers at the mixer.

As for best advice or tips for budding entrepreneurs, stay focus, be prepared to work seven days a week and a lot of hours. Network, network and do more networking.”


CEO & Founder Stacey Bean, Los Angeles at SBYP mixer on 911, where she launched her business at a monthly event that attracted 650+ young professionals.

The Hyborn Brand is founded on the belief that timeless designs should enhance your beauty, not define it.  By using natural elements and stylish creation, Stacey has set out to create beautiful handmade jewelry which is sure to enhance any jewelry collection.

Bean started the Hyborn Brand with a simple passion – a passion for style, fashion and jewelry.  Inspired by her travels and the world around her, she set out to create a custom, handmade jewelry line.  She believes in simple, timeless and elegant designs, which are reflected in her beautiful creations. All of her products and items are made in America, too.

Growing up on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and now living on the shores of the Pacific, this Southern California based brand has both East & West Coast roots.  Her bi-coastal living is heavily reflected in almost every piece, drawing in the natural feel of the ocean and sands which have surrounded her, her entire life.


Bean is married to Founder, Lucas Bean, SBYP, which is the fastest growing SoCal organization up 500% since January. Bean himself owns several high tech businesses and the SBYP organization he started is sponsored by Google.

HYBORN THREEAccording to the Governor’s office of Business and Economic Development, California has added more than half a million nonfarm jobs in total since the recovery began in September 2009.

Over the three months ending in July 2012, California gained 116,100 total nonfarm payroll jobs, for an average gain of 38,700 jobs per month, with the private sector growing even faster, gaining an average of 39,500 jobs per month. In fact, in the 12 months ending in July 2012, California’s private sector has shown its strongest year-over job growth since March 2001, gaining 365,000 jobs.

It appears we’re on an economic slow rebound, which beats no rebound at all.

Operation Blankets of Love animal helps earthquake and wildfire victims

East Valley Animal Shelter

This story first appeared on Examiner.com

When it disasters like the weekend 6.0 earthquake hit near Napa, CA, or wildfires making people become homeless and can’t afford to feed their animals, Operation Blankets of Love comes to their rescue.

Nonstop, 24/7 from volunteer animal rescuers to scores of animal shelters in California; all rely on supplies donated by pet stores, animal food warehouses and the general community. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I get calls from Napa Valley, CA after the disastrous Earthquake over the weekend,” said Eileen Smulson, founder of Operation Blankets of Love, a grassroots, community-driven nonprofit welfare organization founded in 2008.East Valley Animal Shelter

The Sunday morning quake that sent 200 people to the hospital, two critically, also rattled a few nerves on the weekend (8/23/14) tour of the East Valley Animal Shelter, Van Nuys, CA.

“If we have a major earthquake that damages our shelter that’s when we’d bring in mobile animal shelters,” said Director Felder, Los Angeles Animal Services. “We have other facilities we can move animals to such as Pierce College for example.” German Sepherds

The tour was part of an Open House over the weekend for Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL). About 50-75 people packed into an open house, where Founder Smulson outlined many of the services offered.

“When the animals are brought in they sit in a concrete kennel, where they’re scare and the start shaking or become tense,” explained Felder, who led the tour. “All it takes is a warm comfortable blanket where an animal can lay on it, hide in and make them more appealing and adoptable,” she said. East Animal Shelter Van Nuys open house with Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)

Operation Blankets of Love with founder trying to save her own betters.

Operation Blankets of Love with founder trying to save her own betters.

Smulson voiced concerns the dog was lying on a cold, cement floor. The Shelter explained that they lacked money to buy much-needed blankets, towels, pet beds, leashes/collars, carriers, toys, dog houses and dog treats. Smulson started 20+ drop-off locations and collected more than 3,000 items in several months, which is how OBOL was born.

To date there are 75+ community access drop-off sites. OBOL has collected more than 1.75 million animal comfort and care products valued at more than $3.5 million.

The East Valley center are under the shade trigo hit.

The East Valley center are under the shade trigo hit.

“We’re one-of-a-kind in the nation,” Smulson told the crowd gathered for a tour of the East Valley Animal Shelter. “We rescue the animal rescuers fulfilling the constant need of animal shelters and comfort and care items that are not covered by their general budgets. We hope other volunteers and nonprofits copy us across the country, she said. https://www.facebook.com/OperationBlanketsOfLove

OBOL uses social networking to reach and mobilize people of all ages, backgrounds and economic levels to donate animal comfort/care items. Hundreds of homeless people with pets, 35 animal shelters, 450+ animal rescue groups, 100+ foster homes, two farm rescues and two wildlife sanctuaries have benefited. If you would like to volunteer visit: http://OperationBlanketsofLove.org or call 818-402-6586.