A movie few will see, but many will remember – AMERICA: imagine a world without her

movie trailer America
movie trailer America

America: Imagine a world without her.

This is a film that might hit home for many of you. It is not your typical Michael Moore documentary thrown together.

Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie, “America: Imagine a World Without Her,” is a powerfuly produced defense of our country. It is in answer to the constant criticisms of America’s past and present we see today on TV and in other films. Through interviews with liberal politicians and activists, D’Souza adds up their allegations and finds answers like a public defender would.

“America” Theatrical Trailer (Lionsgate) (movie trailer click here)

His defense is of the nation’s foreign policy and economic system is balanced. He does a great job telling the story of America. His answers he collects from influential people he interviews are strikingly well presented and supported by well-produced recreations of history and an eclectic soundtrack of American music from all across our cultural background.

This movie will not pack the house, because it is a conservative movie from a conservative author, so it is intended mostly for conservative audiences.
Not sure why, but D’Souza missed a chance to tap some of the more intellectual minds of the political left in a good debate. The documentary points to America’s troubled past with some very cool reenactments to allow you to draw your own conclusion, so we won’t do it here.

Hit show model and Actress Kaley Cuoco visits animal rescue Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)

Kaley Cuoco at OBOL

The Big Bang Theory comedy hit show has been running for seven seasons on CBS.  Star Kaley Cuoco took a tour of OBOL today with Founder Eileen Smulson.

Operation Blankets of Love’s Brad Smulson drives some 600 miles a week to deliver blankets, food and animal supplies to dozens of other nonprofit animal rescuers and organizations in SoCal.

Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory comedy hit showhas been running for seven seasons on CBS. Star Katley Cuoco took a tour of OBOL today with Founder Eileen Smulson.

But before they could hit the road today, both Founder Eileen Smulson, OBOL and Brad Smulson got a visit from Model and Actress Kaley Cooco, who it turns out is also animal lover, too.


Kaley Cuoco on Big Bang Theory running seven seasons. (courtesy CBS)

A model and commercial actress from the age of 6, Kaley Cuoco’s first major role was in the TV movie Quicksand: No Escape (1992) with Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson. Her other television credits include guest-starring on the series Ellen (1994) (where she played “little Ellen” to the Ellen DeGeneres character), Northern Exposure (1990), Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush (1995) and My So-Called Life (1994). In addition, she played a leading role in the miniseries, Mr. Murder (1998).

Cuoco has appeared in the feature filmsLucky 13 (2005), Picture Perfect (1997) and Virtuosity (1995). On stage, she has performed in Los Angeles-area productions of “Annie” and “Fiddler on the Roof”.

The Big Bank Theory

The Big Bang Theory comedy hit show has been running for seven seasons on CBS. Star Kaley Cuoco took a tour of OBOL today with Founder Eileen Smulson.

When she’s not acting, Cuoco is an avid tennis player, who consistently ranks well in Southern California Tennis Association standings as a member of a regional amateur division team. In addition, she enjoys spending time with friends, going to the mall and hip-hop dancing. Cuoco is home-schooled and lives in Ventura County, California with her family.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Lennon Parker