Masquerade Oscar party unmasks new medical breakthrough in early signs of a heart attack

Dr. Douglas Harrington, hidden dangers of heart disease

Dr. Douglas Harrington at the Unmask Heart Disease 2015 OSCAR® Masquerade Ball, presented by the PULS CardiacTest, featured celebrities, dignitaries and politicians donning masks on the red carpet.

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A great way to push the message out that after 15 years, researchers at Stanford University have come up with a new blood test to help doctors determine if you are a good candidate for a heart attack. The medical breakthrough is a new blood test called the – PULS Cardiac Test- that gives early warning signs leading to coronary heart disease.

woman with mask on

Unmask Heart Disease fundraiser announces a new breakthrough blood test called the – PULS Cardiac Test- that gives early warning signs leading to coronary heart disease.

“We have been working on this breakthrough for 15 years,” said Dr. Douglas Harrington. “Tonight is the unmask the heart disease charity ball to benefit GUARDaHEART, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2011, which is dedicated to fighting heart disease.” Harrington said the new test helps identify people with heart disease. So this writer took the simple blood test at the event, which took about one minute to draw blood and half as much time to fill out the one page consent form.

The simple blood test analyzes the biological processes related to the leading cause of myocardial infarction – even in patients with subclinical (asymptomatic) Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Dr. Harrington said it’s validated in a multi-ethnic population and motivates patients to follow their doctor’s advice.

The Unmask Heart Disease 2015 OSCAR® Masquerade Ball, presented by the PULS CardiacTest, featured celebrities, dignitaries and politicians donning masks on the red carpet to “unmask” or unveil the leading cause of heart disease, how to detect it early-on and steps you can take to prevent most heart attacks. Attendees also had the chance to receive their complete cardiac profile provided by the PULS test.

February is national heart month, but Dr. Harrington said most people focus on chloresterol. “Half of all people who’ve had heart attacks had normal cholesterol levels, so we knew something else was going on. So we spent 15 years doing the research and discovered a simple blood test call the PULS Test that measures nine proteins in your blood, where we can identify unstable lesions at a very early stage,” he said. Dr. Harrington said it doesn’t replace anything your doctor is doing, “it just fills a big black hole in the way they evaluate their patients.”

Dr. Harrington told about 300 attendees that being able to detect the unstable lesion that is likely to rupture prior to the cardiac event is crucial in the area of clinical prevention. The PULS™ test and research was developed at Stanford University and other leading institutions.

model on the red carpet

Unmask Heart Disease fundraiser announces a new breakthrough blood test called the – PULS Cardiac Test- that gives early warning signs leading to coronary heart disease. Above Actress Victoria Juvshn on the red carpet.

Heart attacks due to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) remain the leading cause of death and disability among men and women in the U.S., but research also shows 80 percent of them are preventable with early detection and lifestyle modifications. Current methods for detecting CHD, such as cholesterol testing, often miss many people who end up having a heart attack. In fact, 50 percent of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol.

Other nonprofits benefiting from the fundraiser includes: The China California Heart Watchwhich brings together experts from the America, China and around the world. Together, they use innovative methods to fight the growing epidemic of heart disease in Yunnan Province, China. MEMAH - Men Educating Men About Health is a nonprofit organization created by a group of men and directed to men. They’re dedicated to raising the awareness, importance and understanding of men’s health issues.

The fourth nonprofit benefiting from the Masquerade Ball is the Women Network, which is part of a global movement with a professional and personal focus that inspires, builds community and provides actionable information in order to make a valuable difference and encourage change. The W Network puts a spotlight on women by creating stages and platforms around the world for women.

RTNA present Golden Mike Winners ‘Oscars of radio & TV’ news at 65th Annual Awards event

RTNA Golden Mikes

Golden Mike Winner and RTNA Awards producer Lance Orosco with Actress/Speaker June Lockhart (L) and Retired AP Broadcast News Writer Rachel Ambrose.

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If they were not  exchanging business cards they were tweeting and posting their favorite photos on social networks at the 65th Annual Golden Mike Awards, Radio TV News Association (RTNA) Saturday (Jan 24, 2015).  Social Media used to be an option, but today every industry, including TV and radio news, where news people get some of their breaking news on everything from Twitter, Facebook to Google+ rely on it.

“Oh my God, Social Media is amazing, you can get to the world in an instant,” said Yvonne Guevara, producer, NBCLA 4 News, who received a Golden Mike for a quarterly special segment on black history. “Each quarter we do a special on each ethnic group,” she said. NBC’s Guevara station also took home several awards including, “Best Newscast 30 minutes or less-NBC 4 News at 11 PM”.

RTNA Golden MIke

Oscar Flores, E.NG. Video Journalist takes home a arm full of Golden Mike awards at the 65th Annual event.

“Before Social Media, we had to develop film, but now it’s instantaneous,” explained Guevara. When ask about fake pictures or video sent to the newsrooms and how NBCLA 4 handles them from social networks she said, “You have to verify it.  Journalism and ethics have not changed, just the technology.”

RTNA Golden Mikes

NBC Anchor Robert Kovacik with colleagus including Jeff Baugh, KNX at the Hilton, Uiniversal City, CA. 

Some 500 radio and TV news professionals packed into the Hilton, Universal City, CA for RTNA Awards dinner. Golden Mikes are considered the Oscars of broadcast journalism. Usually there is a “Designated News week” in October sent over AP and City News Service wires and a “Designated News Day” is announced the day after it occurs, where radio and TV news stations submit their work from that day for “Best Newscasts.”

Other entries are submitted for work from Oct 4, 2013 to October 3, 2014. The Golden Mike judges are often selected  from out-of-state markets like New York or Chicago. The radio and TV Stations entering in the competition come from Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, Inyo, Imperial, Kings, Kern and Tulare Counties.

golden mike awards

NBCLA Winners at the 65th Annual Golden Mike Awards, RTNA in Universal City.

The Broadcast Legend Award Honoree went to Maria Elena Sallinas, a highly-rated  “Noticiero Univision” co-anchor for the nightly network newscast and co-host of the news magazine program, “Agui y Ahora” (Here and Now).  She has been informing millions of viewers for three decades in America, as well as 18 Latin American Countries. She got her start at KMEX-34 in LA in 1981. She now resides in Florida with her two daughters.

Long time Television Play-by-Play Announcer Bob Miller


LA Kings Voice Bob Miller received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
(Courtesy RTNA)

received the Life Achievement Award. Miller, who has five decades of broadcasting experience was inducted into the Southern California Sports Broadcast Hall of fame, an organization for which he served as president for five years. Later Miller received a star on the famous Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.

Golden Mikes RTNA

Golden Mike winners announced at the 65th Annual Awards Dinner at Hilton, Universal City, CA. A CCN News Intern throws out the welcome mat to award recipients.

Associated Press Court Reporter Linda Deutsch received the Freedom of Information Award and Actress June Lockhart was honored for participation on the RTNA Board. For all of the winners of the Golden Mikes visit:

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  • Facilitating effective and unobtrusive media coverage of important news events through our efforts co-ordinating pool cameras;
  • Promoting excellence in local broadcast journalism through our “Golden Mike Awards®“;
    Providing a collegial forum for discussion of relevant issues facing the broadcast news industry through our special events;
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