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For Immediate Release
Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010

PERI Software Solutions, Inc. Plans to Spread Holiday Cheer
Newark, NJ Homeless Shelter


PERI’s employees launch clothing and blankets drive to collect for homeless, and the company
 plans to make a financial donation when items are delivered Christmas Eve

            Newark, NJ - The Holidays will be a little brighter and warmer for the homeless in Newark, NJ, thanks to

PERI Software Solutions, Inc.

          The Newark-based business solutions technology company employees plan to deliver items collected at

PERI’s Headquarters (
570 Broad St.) to the shelter on Christmas Eve, at Noon, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2010.  PERI is also

donating a check for $2,000 to help purchase additional needed clothing for Essex Community EmpowerMe shelter,

1114-1116 Broad Street
, Newark, NJ


          “We try to help the most unfortunate people,” said shelter Assistant Manager Walter Alequin. “They feel like

they are at the end of the road and there is no hope. Even if someone comes down to talk or encourage them to try to

go back to school or work it would make a difference. We appreciate PERI’s donations and all community support.

We hope other companies and people will follow their kindness.”


          PERI has placed collection bins in the foyer at its headquarters (570 Broad St., 2nd floor). Employees and the

public are encouraged to drop off items for the shelter. The Shelter says it “needs blankets and coats” the most right

now, but canned foods and nonperishable food items,   are also welcome.


          “These are tough economic times for people out of work, who have been become homeless at no fault of their

own and our employees wanted to do something special this holiday season,” said Sarav Periasamy, president and

CEO, PERI Software Solutions, Inc.  
New Jersey has bone chilling weather and everyone needs shelter.”


          [For more information about nonprofit Essex Community EmpowerMe shelter, (1114-1116 Broad Street,

Newark, NJ, 7103. Call (973) 242-8088. For more about PERI visit]

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