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Friday, May 29, 2012


Singer/Songwriter Junior Wright’s new music “Come to Me”
mixes R&B with new age, dance, pop and acoustic songs/music.

Wright’s music, which is featured on “Private Dancer” video is now available for music reviews by music editors and music review websites

LOS ANGELES, CA— New Artist Junior Wright, who just released his debut album “Come to Me” 

has already made a splash at various entertainment events, with fans and DJ’s praising his music.
The new video “Private Dancer” is now building steam Online and in
Hollywood, too.
“’Come to Me’ is my latest album packed with sounds that might surprise you,” said Wright, 
as he describes his music. “It’s a combination of R&B with new age, dance, pop and acoustic songs/music.”


“I was inspired by Prince, who takes risks, and the late Michael Jackson, who was unique,” 

said Wright, who started his entertainment career in acting and dancing in
Charlotte, NC. 

“I love different genres of music and artists ranging from
Jason Aldean and Stevie Wonder

Mariah Carey and Incubus,” he said.
Wright, who’s shopping for a record label, also has a recent video entitled Private Dancer 

with Kameron Dash, directed by Angel Kou and produced by Michael Scott Brennan posted on
Youtube (

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