Playing a Theremin with accomplished Artist and Musician Edward Sussman

Theremin instrument

Theremen Musician Edward Sussman tunes his instrument as it warms up.

The Theremin is the only musical instrument you can play without touching. Artist and Entrepreneur, Edward Sussman, Los Angeles is an accomplished Theremin musician. He also founded The Pure Imagination Co., a self-made, creative and artistic company. He has been involved in all facets of the entertainment industry and house-craft. “We take great pride in our work, our clients and our clients’ needs and input,” he said. Sussman also takes great pride in his passion for playing the Theremin. Over the past two decades, the Theremin has had a major resurgence and has been surfacing in numerous rock bands performances, Youtube videos, and on the classical concert circuits.

Musical Muse artist.

Artist Edward Sussman holds up one of many of is sculptured music instruments he sells at

“The Theremin uses radio frequencies with two antennas, one for pitch and one for volume,” explained Sussman. “It was invented more than 100 years ago by a Russian named Leon Theremin. He believed he could do something with the AM radio pitches and whistle sounds when he tried to tune an AM radio. After analyzing everything he discovered that he could build an apparatus that would sound like a woman singing. Or like something from outer space,” he said.

During his time in the United States, he was called Leon Theremin and the instrument took on his name. It consists of a box-like body with two antennas: one is a straight vertical rod which controls the pitch (usually on the right for right-handed players), the other is a horizontal loop (usually on the left) shaped somewhat like a cane handle which controls the volume. The pitch and volume of the note are controlled by the distance of the hands from the antennas which generate an electromagnetic field.

“Moving the hand closer to the pitch antenna causes the pitch to raise,” said Sussman. “and moving the hand closer to the volume loop decreases the volume and eventually silences the instrument. Your distance to the pitch antenna tunes the Theremin. Any motion of the body or any solid object in the playing fields will affect the note. This field extends outward about two feet in any direction from the antenna. Thereminists generally need to be a little bit away from any other performers or listeners, who might interfere with the radio signals. There have been many different designs, and Moog Music remains the longest continuous builder of Theremins and their instruments are the most used by Thereminists around the world.

Theremin instrument

Edward Sussman is a Theremin Musician and Artist who of miniature sculptures.

Sussman also is a technical craftsperson or specialist for themed entertainment, major studio projects, commercials and aerospace, including McDonald Douglas Aviation (Boeing Aerospace), where he worked as a model shop fabricator and improved his creative engineering skills. For four years he performed fabrication of display and concept models for the military and airline marketing. Additionally, he created in miniature the assembly line processes and plant layouts for line production of DC-10/MD11 and C-17 aircraft. Later he worked for Walt Disney Imagineering for nearly two years on concept model fabrication and sculpting. (For the full story visit: