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The Oscar nominated movie SPOTLIGHT is honored by The Los Angeles Press Club

President Robert Kovacik, LA Press with Boston Globe Reporter Michael Rezendes (center) Ben Bradlee, Boston Globe (far right) with LA Press Club officers.

President Robert Kovacik, NBC, LAPC guest, LA Press with Boston Globe Reporter Michael Rezendes (center), LAPC Executive Director Diana Ljungaeus, Ben Bradlee, Boston Globe on the red carpet of the LA Press Club, Steve Allen Theater.

“First of all, we chose to name the award ‘Veritas’ for the Latin word for truth– or more correctly for the elusive Roman goddess is known for her beauty and purity,” said LA Press Club President Robert Kovacik, NBCLA Anchor, in describing a new LAPC award handed to the cast and crew of SPOTLIGHT. Kovacik moderated the Inaugural Veritas Award event, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016, at the Steve Allen Theater, Hollywood. It was a unique peek behind the scenes with characters in the movie and the real Boston Globe writers and editors like Ben Bradlee, Jr., and Michael Rezendes.

SPOTLIGHT was written by Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy, who also directed it. “As journalists, our job is to find the truth following the path to her wherever it may lead and deliver to our readers and audience whatever her form may be– even when she is ugly or painful,” they both said.

“I never thought it (the movie Spotlight) would become a reality,” said Michael Rezendes, senior investigative reporter, Spotlight Team, The Boston Globe. “The producers approached us in 2008 and here we are in 2016, it took a long time to happen.” Rezendes was asked about the image of reporters and if he thought this movie might boost that and call for more investigative writers and reporters? More on the full story here.
LA Press Club honors Oscar Nominated SPOTLIGHT movie. (photos)

‘WEAPONIZED’ A Timothy Woodward Jr. film opens in NY and Universal City Walk this weekend


WEAPONIZE film premiere at Egyptian Theater, Hollywood. Movie opens in New York and University CityWalk this weekend.

The movie thrills the crowd at premiere in Hollywood

weaponized red carpet affair

WEAPONIZED movie premiere. Actor/Director Timothy Woodward Jr. (right).

Several hundred movie goers, actors, directors and screenwriters appeared on the red carpet
last night (Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016) for the premiere of “WEAPONIZED”, a Timothy Woodward Jr. film.
Woodward is a South Carolina transplant in Hollywood, who started as an actor in several teen dramas
such as Palmetto Pointe and Whittaker Bay WGN and Hollywood East, which later got picked up by Woodward Jr. has focused on action films over the last few years including Throwdown, Swat, Checkmate and 4Got10 with stars like Danny Glover, Danny Trejo and Tom Sizemore.

Brittany Williams

Actress Brittany Williams at WEAPONIZED film premiere. She stars in another Timothy Woodward Film, “TRADE”, a country western movie upcoming.

The WEAPONIZED kicks off with a bang when Tom Sizemore, who plays Kyle Norris at a defense contractor, saying “Happy Birthday” to his son on his cell phone. His son who works at the Pentagon. Suddenly the line disconnects and Sizemore hears this huge explosion. Seconds later breaking news on the TV reports that terrorists set off a bomb leaving many dead, including Norris’ son.

(The full story here)