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Digital Hollywood features scale and transparency for digital content platforms

by George McQuade III

“Pluravida manages literally billions of transactions,” said Sam Gilchrist, CEO, Pluravida and one of the keynote speakers and
panelists at Digital Hollywood, Marina del Rey

 Hollywood is a longtime survivor of conferences featuring the next big thing in the digital world. This year April (April 27 -30), at the Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey featured nearly 500 speakers and dizzying amount of subjects and issues. This Examiner stopped by Tuesday, April 28, 2015 to learn what’s new in technology. It was all about TV platforms, interactivity, digital innovation, deal-making, data management and lots of focus on financing TV shows, movies and other projects online. There was not a lot of fanfare for Youtube’s 10th anniversary, but they were among the big players and major sponsors that appeared in the event like Cisco, Verizon, Women in Media and Pluravida.

Digital Hollywood

President Aida Mayo, MAYO Communications checks out some of the Digital Hollywood displays.


“It involves literally billions of transactions,” said Sam Gilchrist, CEO, Pluravida and one of the keynote speakers and panelists Tuesday. “We produce platforms most for content and distribution. Gilchrist noted that big and large companies are now concerned about managing their data, content, ownership rights, revenue settlement and payment obligations. It covers the gamut, video, games, music, TV shows, movies and the list goes on.

“For example, we manage all of the income streams for Universal Music, which involves 2,000 different business models and 63 countries,” explained Gilchrist. “We handle merchandize sells, streaming, film and TV licensing to wide variety of income models making sure everyone gets paid.”

Gilchrist presented pluravida’s technology and software, which has key integrations with Youtube andDwolla. It’s already a nightmare to try to police the Internet for music and movies, but Gilchrist believes that companies will look more at holistic ways to track user’s content, via fingerprint technology, watermarks to online software, but allowing everyone including, the customer and owner to enjoy transparency of all digital content produced.

New digital stuff added this year to the three-day adventure were:

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Sports NEXT at Digital Hollywood: TV – Games – Apps – Wearables

The Health Summit – Media & Technology that Save Lives

MusicNEXT – IdeaFest – Los Angeles

A Celebration of Women – An Evening of Great Ideas & Entertainment

Internet TV – The Distruption – Tablets – TV – Smartphones – PC

Digital Hollywood

You have to be careful you don’t miss the speakers and workshops while checking out some of the cool gadgets coming in the future.

And finally, one consensus heard at the conference was that, Television has created a video infrastructure the cross platform from high definition to mobile. It’s all about seeing the big picture with multimillion dollar investments, Spike TV networks Studios games and the scalable web in the balance, real time data from the cloud is not only relevant, but it is the critical element in decision making. For more about the event and schedule on the final day visit:

Coming up in October: 

Virtual and Augmented Reality at Digital Hollywood Fall
October 19-22, 2015 – Ritz Carlton Hotel – Marina del Rey, California 
 Register Here – “The Future of the Entertainment Industry” 
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Monday, October 19th – The Welcome Dinner, Marina Vista Room
Hollywood & Immersive Entertainment VR & AR Welcome Dinner

Silicon Beach Young Professionals huddle at Casa Del Mar sponsored by Google

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